NorCRID Conference Conducted Completely in Sign

NorCRID Conference

Photo: Conference attendees practice dance steps for flash mob with Sherry Hicks and Michael Velez.  Photo by Drago Renteria.

The Northern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (NorCRID) held its annual conference at the Ed Robert’s Campus in Berkeley on November 5.  A total of 143 people registered for the all-day event.  Tom Holcomb was the keynote speaker and gave a presentation on “Deaf Hearing Collaborations”.  A panel discussion titled “Seeing Interpreters Through Deaf Eyes” was moderated by Jim Brune.  The panelists were Tom Holcomb, Rodney Foust, Dan Langholtz, Sandra Ammons, Liann Osborne, and Mary Telford. 

New officers were elected. Terri Manning is the new Vice President. Becca Danton and Carmen Olson are the new Members-at-Large.  Matt Moyers and Ryan Shephard are the new Alternates.  They join Priscilla Moyers (President), Karen Evangelista (Treasurer), Winnie Little (Secretary) and Kathleen Bieling (Member-at-Large).

Conference Co-Chairs were Kathleen Bieling and Terri Manning.  Bieling is a certified Sign Language Interpreter and IPP Educator in Germany.

Many of the conference attendees participated in a fun flash mob that took place at Ashby BART station near the Ed Robert’s Campus.  A video of it is being produced by Dan Veltri.

“The 2011 NorCRID Conference was a great success in that for the first time in NorCRID history, the conference was completely in sign,” said Terri Manning, Conference Co-Chair.  ”We had all Deaf speakers, with working CDIs for the audience comments.  We posted signs all over the hall saying, ‘Signing Environment,’  ’Please Turn Cell Phones and Voices Off,’ and ‘You are now entering . . . The Signing Zone.’  We played a fun game in which attendees could earn colored paper clips when they caught someone using voice to communicate and had prizes for the longest paper clip chains.  This was the first quiet NorCRID conference, though full of flying hands.”

Manning continues, “NorCRID is a mixed membership of Deaf and hearing interpreters.  Our goal is to be completely Deaf friendly.  Outside of the fact that the Ed Roberts Campus automatic lighting could not be flashed, the conference would make any Deaf member feel welcome.”

NorCRID President Priscilla Moyers exclaimed afterward, “Yay!  We did it! My dream has finally come true!”

NorCRID holds its conference annually in November.

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  1. Liz Brading says:

    As a Deaf person, it was my first time attending a conference for interpreters so I had not realized the signing zone only was a new thing until a few people mentioned it during the conference. I felt completely included, with every single person I saw signing away. It was SUPER and I very much hope this will become the norm at every single conference all over the country and world. The Signing Only Zone poster I saw when I first arrived was a great idea to use. I enjoyed every minute of it! Great workshop and panel discussion. :-) Good job to the co-chairs and everyone else involved in planning it!!

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